day of the dead

This year will see the fourth launch a fourth limited edition Day of the Dead label for their award-winning TROOPER beer which will be arriving on shelves imminently, where it will remain until the end of November.

TROOPER beer celebrates its 10th Birthday next year and has sold in excess of 30 million pints in over 50 countries around the world. Trooper was recently awarded another Gold Medal by the British Bottlers’ Institute, making 18 awards for Trooper and 23 in total across the Trooper family.

Robinsons’ TROOPER Brand Manager, Dean Etchells, said: “Trooper fans now look forward to seeing and collecting the latest Day of the Dead version of our award-winning beer. This time we have based it on the classic artwork for IRON MAIDEN’s 1986 single ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’ from the ‘Somewhere in Time’ album, albeit with a twist. The feedback has been fantastic and we think that fans are going to love it.”

The holiday celebrates the dead and is a time for people to honour their ancestors and loved ones who have passed away and invite those spirits back into their homes to be part of the family once more. The practice goes back thousands of years in Latin American cultures.

TROOPER Limited Edition Day of the Dead will be available until November 2022: